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Doctorate under scrutiny

How does the process work?

If a doctor denied his title, this act is preceded by a lengthy process. Currently there is such a procedure against the Federal Research Minister. The audit makes the Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf. This is in charge of Education, who graduated in the Schavan 33 years ago.
In early May 2012, the website "schavanplag" had first made the accusation that Schavan had built her thesis partly on plagiarism. Over time outwitted unknown bloggers more bodies from the over 350-page dissertation, "person and conscience" on.
"Person and conscience": The thesis of Annette Schavan (Photo: AP)Enlarge Image"Person and conscience": your thesis is for ...Annette Schavan (Photo: AP)Enlarge Image... Schavan 33 years later to the delicate matter.

Step 1: Method for checking the thesis

The University of Dusseldorf decided to open immediately a procedure for checking the work. The Dean of the Faculty of Arts commissioned the doctoral committee with the process. This seven-member commission to sit next to the Chairman of three professors, two research assistants and a representative of the students.
Committee chairman is Professor of Jewish Studies, Stefan Rohrbacher. From him comes the report that had come in the fall to the public and is in the Schavan a "senior untruthful" accused.

Step 2: Promotion committee makes recommendation

In a second step, the Promotion Committee addressed and together with the case. According to media reports filed Schavan a comprehensive written opinion. Upon completion of those checks, the committee wrote a unanimous recommendation to the Faculty: the initiation of proceedings to withdraw the title of doctor.

Step 3: Faculty Council takes decision

Bruno Bleckmann (Photo: AP)Enlarge ImageAnnounced that against Schavan procedures for the withdrawal of the doctorate was introduced: Faculty Council chief BleckmannThe case is now with the Faculty Council. Its members are elected members of the groups of professors, academic and non-academic staff and students. The chair of the 15-member council, the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Bruno Bleckmann.
The faculty alone can decide whether a procedure initiated against someone and actually the doctorate will be withdrawn. The first happened in the case Schavan now. How long this process drags on, can predict. If the doctoral work at the end declared invalid and the doctorate withdrawn Schavan can however appeal to the Administrative Court. Otherwise, the item is gone.


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